In case you live strictly by the sun dial, we remind you almost daily that in NFL land it’s still early June. We do this because while you’re conditioned to take the comments from a head coach and sprinkle them with several grains of salt during the season, that guard may be lowered a bit now.

Hey, it’s the offseason for everyone. You’re allowed. But just know that despite his past actions, there’s always an under current of coach-speak whenever a head coach is talking about roster decisions in the heat of June.

So tell us, Pete Carroll, will money or the spot at which a player was drafted factor at all into the three-way quarterback race you have going on between Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson, and Tarvaris Jackson?

From the Tacoma News-Tribune:

Carroll said the monetary costs and draft picks are just the price teams have to pay to add value to the roster, and ultimately have nothing to do with who earns a starting job.

“Draft picks and money and stuff like that is not going to play in the decision at all,” Carroll said. “We’re going to go with what it looks like through the competition and how they play, and the results of that, and how we feel about that.”

The Tacoma News-Tribune also points out that Carroll’s record during his tenure in Seattle shows a history of making roster decisions and disregarding the lofty price paid for a player involved. For example, last year K.J. Wright started at linebacker over Aaron Curry, the Seahawks’ fourth overall pick in the 2009 draft.

And that’s great, but in this specific example, it’s still difficult to see Jackson remaining a Seahawks employee this fall, despite his affordable salary and the toughness he showed while playing through an injury last year.

First, there’s the sheer numbers. When he was brought in as one of the most coveted prizes during free agency, Flynn signed a three-year deal worth $19.5 million, $10 million of which is guaranteed. With his $6 million signing bonus and $2 million base salary, Flynn will make $8 million in 2012 alone. Jackson, meanwhile, only has $4 million in non-guaranteed money attached to his name for next season.

That’s a sizable monetary gap, but if Carroll was only dealing with that gap as a potential obstacle in his decision, then he could easily look past the separation on the dotted lines for his top two quarterbacks. But there’s also Wilson, who occupies valuable draft real estate for a mobile, athletic quarterback who will be somewhat of a project early in his career.

By taking him in the third round, there’s a commitment to Wilson’s development. Drafting a QB that high and then either dumping him at the end of training camp or burying him on the depth chart where he won’t get sufficient practice reps is a massive managerial failure.

So right now in the pleasant, early summer heat before it’s even officially summer, Carroll is achieving his desired effect: he’s using the media to create competition at a key position. When reality settles in during training camp, Jackson will likely still be finding employment elsewhere.

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