We did, but unfortunately on July 4 we’ll be busy doing anything else in the world.

It’s been an eventful little week for Chad Ochocinco, you know with that whole getting fired and then hired business, and moving to Miami. And now the wedding invitations for his day of bliss in less than a month have hit mailboxes.

So if you’re super stoked to be there in person while Ocho continues his descent from football player to reality TV caricature as VH1 records his marriage to Evelyn Lozada and later packages it as part of a TV episode, here’s what you should be looking for in your mail box.

You’ll notice the name change. As advertised back in February, Ochocinco isn’t going to be Ochocinco anymore, because although his future bride may have said she approves of that name, saddling someone with an improperly translated Spanish surname is a pretty crappy way to start a marital union.

Thanks, Larry Brown Sports