First, there was this…

That was already Bane-ish enough, leading opponents to conclude that Justin Tuck would execute more than a mere sack. He would also kidnap the quarterback, and hide him deep in an underground lair.

Now what’s Tuck wearing? Here’s his new facemask according to Uni Watch, and it’s been enhanced for extra freakishness…

The diagonal bars overlapping the horizontal bars add that extra bit of “don’t you ever god damn touch me you little man” to Tuck’s on-field presence.

After suffering a neck injury during a preseason game last August, Tuck found that opposing linemen who were aware of his nagging ailment would often get their fingers stuck in his mask and yank his head sideways, which definitely wasn’t intentional at all. Knowing that targeting another players’ injury is a strategy that’s been around football about as long as end zones, goal posts, and tackling, Tuck took the required measures to minimize the opposition’s opportunity to hone in on his neck.

“We’re just trying to give people not as much surface to be able to grab my face mask,” he told the Newark Star-Ledger last fall.

So now Tuck has the ultimate reinforced face bar forest. We hear that it’s also wired to shock any opposing player who comes into contact with the bars, and Tuck has to punch in an access code before he slides it onto his head.