Colt McCoy is young, still raw, and still learning a new offense.

Brandon Weeden is young-ish, even more raw, and just starting his time learning a new offense, but the separation between the two is a mere matter of a number on a birth certificate. Weeden is quite famously 28 years old and he’ll turn 29 in October. He can remember a time when it was super cool to walk around with those yellow and black Walkmans, a device that seemed mythical when he described it to his teammates at Oklahoma State.

McCoy, meanwhile, is a 25-year-old third-round pick who still has value, and could still be groomed elsewhere. The problem is that his continued development is a fruitless act in Cleveland. Weeden will be the starter due to his more advanced age and the tighter window the Browns have to get elite production out of a first-round pick. That’s made the end a formality in whatever quarterback competition Cleveland is still pretending to stage.

Seneca Wallace is the other QB in this equation, and he bluntly described his knowledge of Cleveland’s quarterback reality yesterday after his irritation with the constant questions finally reached a boiling point.

From the Akron Beacon-Journal:

“You guys have written all about it. … Cleveland has had situations where they had quarterback controversy and all this other stuff. And if you’re going to move forward with a guy and it be your franchise guy, you need to put all your focus in that guy and let him play and take all the media situations out of it and the fan situations out of it and let him play in order to build that franchise the way you want it.”

Yeah, he doesn’t sound happy, but that’s how realism sounds. And if you were to grab McCoy during a rare honest moment, he’d probably have an even harsher tone. That’s because for McCoy it’s different, because between the two arms now battling to be Weeden’s backup, he lacks an asset which is vital for that position in a west coast offense: experience.

Backup quarterback is a familiar role for Wallace, one he filled for Mike Holmgren over six years in Seattle, making him the only quarterback on Cleveland’s roster with any notable time in a west coast system. That fact isn’t lost on him either, and as ESPN’s Tony Grossi observed, Wallace has noticeably been getting cozy with Weeden during OTA sessions.

The same X’s and O’s that McCoy has been slow to grasp are plays that Wallace has studied for years.

“All the stuff we’re doing now is pretty much all the stuff I’ve done in the past,” Wallace said of Brad Childress’ input as new offensive coordinator. “It might be new to Colt and Brandon, who have not been really in the West Coast system for a long time. We’re doing a lot of things like moving the quarterbacks around, moving the pocket, which is good. Some of the stuff he’s introduced is good. Nolan Cromwell (senior offensive assistant) plays a big role in that as well. He does a great job of coaching it up.”

A backup quarterback is more than just the guy who trots onto the field after an injury. In the right situation he can be mentor, and McCoy can’t possibly guide Weeden when he’s still learning himself.

That’s why McCoy’s position atop the trading block is still inevitable, and as training camps open late next month the Browns should take a more aggressive approach in their efforts to move him before whatever value he has left begins to evaporate rapidly.

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