Usually, a minor injury to a backup quarterback in June isn’t notable. But this is the Saints, a team that will play under two interim head coaches during the 2012 season, and will also be without its general manager for much of the year.

Oh, and that Drew Brees character who was the best quarterback in the league last year statistically still hasn’t signed a shiny new long-term contract. And although Jonathan Vilma will easily be replaced by Curtis Lofton, his name will remain in negative headlines throughout the offseason as his fist fight with Roger Goodell over his year-long suspension continues.

And now, this…

Daniel will be out for two weeks, and he’s expected to be fully recovered and ready for the Saints’ training camp.

So here’s where we’re at in the rather inappropriately named Big Easy. During an offseason when the veteran leadership of Brees is desperately needed to guide the Saints through what’s been a rudderless period, the front office is still quibbling over a reported $1 million.

Brees continues to sit, and now the Saints will finish their mandatory mini camp with Sean Canfield at quarterback, the only other healthy QB that’s under contract who isn’t named Luke McCown.

Someday the football gods will release the Saints from the clutches of their death grip. Someday.