The Jets don’t have a quarterback competition. It’s all a mirage, or at least it is right now.

Sure, once Mark Sanchez throws one wobbly pass on his first attempt during his first snap in the Jets’ first preseason game, there will be calls for his head, and perhaps other parts of his body. That will just be a product of fans being reactionary creatures, a common trait that’s heightened dramatically by the media boiler room of New York. Tebow will get snaps during the Jets’ use of gadgetry, and he’ll also have the honor of protecting the punter. But without an injury it will take a massive, career-crushing stumble by Sanchez for Tebow to receive a single start.

That’s been the scenario on the Jets’ QB depth chart since the moment Tebow was acquired, but yet a competition during May and June workouts has still been fabricated partly by fans because of Tebow’s polarizing pull. If you love him, you want to talk about him, and if you hate him, you want to talk about him even more.

Want to conduct an experiment on this phenomenon? Mention Tebow’s name alongside Skip Bayless’ anywhere on the Internet and then step back. I’ll see you in two weeks.

The Jets are profiting from Tebow’s magnetic pull through merchandise sales. Even though Tebow fell from his perch atop the NFL jersey sales rankings, it’s still remarkable that a backup quarterback was in the top three between the beginning of April and the end of May. The Jets need to keep the Tebow profit machine churning and keep the mystique of a controversy alive, which is whey they keep trotting him out to speak with the media. Teddy Bruschi doesn’t understand this simple concept.

Last week Bruschi had strong words for Tebow, asking him to shut up.

“Stop talking to the media so much. You need to disappear, okay, Tim Tebow? You’re not the starting quarterback, it’s Mark Sanchez’s team. I want my voice to come from my head coach and my quarterback — my starting quarterback. That message has to be consistent.

“I don’t want all this competition brewing, and every time you speak and anytime you talk about competition or anything like that, you’re twisting things. I want one voice. One quarterback, not two.”

And here’s Tebow’s response yesterday:

“To be honest, I just do what I’m told and, on this day, I’m told to talk to you — so I’m talking to you,” Tebow told reporters at minicamp. “I don’t get paid enough to make all those decisions. I just do what I’m told … That’s something you’d figure (Bruschi) would understand. I’m doing what I’m asked to do.”

This isn’t the media’s fault, and it isn’t the Jets’ fault either, even though they’re rolling in Tebow cash.

You, kind public, want to hear what Tebow has to say, even if he never says anything at all. You might not know it, but you do, because you’ll watch and read everything that contains his name.

The Jets are giving you what you want, and if they make a bit of dough in the process, that’s cool too.

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