Yesterday while commenting on Gary Kubiak’s odd request for a shorter contract I touched on why it’s not ideal for a team to allow its head coach to enter the final year of his contract without an extension. So hey, Mike Brown, don’t you read GLS? I thought we were friends, Mike. Friends.

Brown, never one to befriend common sense, is the Bengals owner who repeatedly took his hammer and blow torch to his team over the past decade or so prior to last year. That’s when he stumbled into Andy Dalton, who fell into the second round and performed much better than some of the quarterbacks drafted far ahead of him (Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert). That A.J. Green guy helped too, and so did finding a sucker for Carson Palmer.

Anywho, the Bengals made the playoffs, and that alone is still an accomplishment for a team that’s tasted the post-season only three times over the past two decades. They did it with a very young and raw team beyond just Dalton and Green, with key offensive pieces like Jermaine Gresham also still growing. And who was tasked with leading those young men and turning around a team that finished 4-12 the previous year?

That job belonged to Marvin Lewis. He’s the head coach, and now as mini camps wind down and we begin the countdown to training camp in earnest, he’s still sitting without a contract extension. For a head coach entering a lame duck season, the message received is that the front office doesn’t fully trust your abilities, even though Lewis has won the most games as a head coach in Bengals franchise history.

Lewis’ winning percentage over his nine seasons on the job is so far ahead of every other Bengals coach who’s been a Brown employee that it’s comical. Sure, he’s still below .500 overall, but he’s won .473 of his games, while every other robot headset wearer has won .270. Oh, and those three playoff appearances over the past 20 years have all come during Lewis’ tenure.

Yet for reasons known only to Brown and possibly space creatures, there still hasn’t been any serious talks about an extension, leaving Lewis to potentially enter the lamest lame duck season.

Tell us more, Joe Reedy:

When asked on Thursday after the Bengals’ final minicamp practice if he had discussed his contract with team president Mike Brown, Lewis said the two have not spoken about it in awhile. Both sides agreed to a two-year extension at the end of the 2010 season, in which the Bengals went 4-12.Lewis, though, said he didn’t know the answer to whether there might be a resolution by the team’s first training camp practice on July 31.

Oh to be a Bengals fan, a following that rewards, and then takeths away.

And now the links part of the links post…

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