Earlier this afternoon something special happened. No, not the solving of a mystery involving a German forest boy who’s a god damn liar. Much better, although being a forest kid would have been pretty cool, and I can only assume that he would have been the bestest of friends with Peter Pan, with the two joyfully riding around together on skate sailing things and screaming “bangorang!” while eating imaginary meals.

The NFL announced that it’s releasing the famous “All-22″ film that was strictly reserved for coaches, and now it’ll be available to the public through the NFL Rewind feature. So the screams you heard nationwide a few hours ago had nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan, and everything to do with football nerds. Our own Alen Dumonjic hasn’t resumed normal breathing, and he likely won’t for at least another 34 days.

For the uninitiated, the All-22 footage is a super cool sounding name describing the game film that coaches use to break down every play. You know, the film that keeps Jon Gruden up until 4 a.m. nightly, forcing him to live on a strict diet of Red Bull, coffee, and a supplement of candy coffee beans too. The footage is usually shot from either the offensive or defensive backfield, or from either sideline, shots wide enough to show all 22 players on the field. Now you’re in on the secret of the name, and you should probably seek a witness protection program.

The Rewind package will cost $59.99, and it will feature every play–every play!!!!–with the all-22 footage once the game has ended. This means that after your ninth brown beverage when your losing sorrows are thoroughly suppressed, you’ll be able to fast forward and rewind blown coverages repeatedly while other similarly inebriated angry men gesture wildly.

Joking aside, this is awesome for us, and anyone who’s a fan of thorough analytical X’s and O’s writing and commentary, because widespread access to game film can only enhance the discourse and debate surrounding the game. But it’s terrible for coaches and players. Saying that the tape never lies is a common football axiom because it’s true, and it’s also a wicked name for a blog post. But now head coaches will be subjected to the scrutiny of fans and media members who’ve repeatedly watched footage that was previously only available to them.

The league is more than willing to tolerate a bit of grumbling from coaches to feed their always churning money machine, and to make the game even more accessible for a fan base that will devour every source of new content.

Pic via Way of The Droid