Saturday is the best day of the week to have as your name. There are people out there named Monday, and they repeatedly get eggs thrown at them every day. That’s right, you suck, Rick Monday.

This offseason the Packers had to replace departed center Scott Wells, and veteran five-time Pro Bowler Jeff Saturday seemed like he’d be kind of alight. The day of the week in Saturday’s name is, um, Saturday, and he was joined by Friday and Sunday on the offensive line Thursday.

Friends together at last.

While it would be awesome if the Packers scouted only offensive linemen named after the days of the week now and filled out the entire week, that’s really Josh Sitton and Evan Dietrich-Smith flanking Saturday. They decided to have a little bit of fun on the Packers’ last mini camp practice before a six week vacation prior to training camp.

Hearty laughter is encouraged, but don’t dare laugh while drinking alcohol, you guys. Read the memo.

Thanks, Total Packers and Bardia Shah-Rais