Yes, I know. This is a little painful for me too.

The Internet is backlogged with “Call me Maybe” parodies right now, a meme that’s quickly grown into a grotesque viral creature fed by your pageviews. With each passing day it gets stronger, and it will officially consume our every click once Tim Tebow and Skip Bayless collaborate on a duo, with Lee Corso singing backup while clutching a rubber duck.

I’m aware that you’re consciously trying to curb your “Call Me Maybe” intake. It’s the only way to harness the beast and limit its destruction, and at this point you’re likely approaching Carly Rae Jepson’s hideous song with the wise strategy that only women gyrating and thrusting in bikinis are click worthy. I hear your concerns, friends, but please, trust me and let your guard down just once more.

A Tom Brady parody was inevitable. But unlike other efforts that are just filled with wretched, creepy douche vocals and lyrics, this took some actual editing talent, similar to the Barack Obama version.

So in case you missed it over the weekend, here’s Brady singing like a girl.

Thanks, Terez Owens