Pictured: Wes Welker's reason to celebrate.

Being within 50 feet of Rob Gronkowski regularly will alter your personality, and possibly lead to damaging health effects. It’s science.

This is the only explanation for Wes Welker’s reported dust-up with security guards in Aspen, Colorado during his bachelor party. The Patriots wide receiver is usually a laid back, mild-mannered dude who’s one of the few sources of humor in his locker room beyond Gronk, and he enjoys a well-placed foot joke. But waiting in line to enter da club is no laughing matter for Welker.

Share your gossip with us, New York Post:

Sources say Welker strolled up to the bash at restaurant Above the Salt with his posse and tried to rush in without checking in with party staffers. When security tackled the group, witnesses said they still wouldn’t cooperate, and demanded to be let in right away.

“Security tried to subdue the group” when a brawl almost broke out, a source told us. “Security then physically restrained [Welker] and his group to break everything up.”

Not to worry, though, because peace was restored, and the night went on as planned with Welker celebrating his upcoming marriage to model Anna Burns. He didn’t even have to bust out the “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” line either.

And that, kids, is our TMZ-ish update of the day, which also conveniently functioned as a blatant excuse to post a picture of Welker’s WAG. I trust that you found this post entertaining and informing, and that you read every word after the picture.

And now the links part of the links post…

  • Shortly after the league’s bounty evidence began to surface last night the slides used in their presentation trickled out too. We included the ridiculous Dog the Bounty Hunter appearance in our post summarizing the damning evidence, and the rest of the slides pulled straight from the Saints’ computer system are also pretty incriminating and graphic. [Canal Street Chronicles]
  • Just in case you thought the NFL controls the fourth estate, and by extension your thoughts, actions, and reason for living, there were 12 reporters invited in to the bounty presentation yesterday because there were 12 reporters on a stakeout outside the league’s New York headquarters. Hand picking to control the message didn’t happen. [Peter King on Twitter]
  • Bountygate is our favorite offseason topic to carry us through until late July, but head injuries is really giving it a good challenge. In a gracious attempt to revive a storyline that had faded a bit recently, Aaron Rodgers said that a helmet he switched to over the past several seasons has prevented at least a few concussions. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]
  • With Fletcher Cox signing yesterday, 17 of the 32 first-round picks are now under contract. Hey, remember those pre-lockout days when rookies would sit out half of training camp, and often diminish their role and production? You’re still awesome, lockout. [Mocking the Draft]
  • Don’t worry, guys, the Eagles aren’t trading for Colt McCoy. [Jeff McLane on Twitter]
  • Aqib Talib is a free man. Well, free from the real law with real punishments and real jail time. He still might not be free from Roger Goodell’s jail. [Tampa Bay Tribune]
  • Gronkowski says his ankle feels just fantastic. [WEEI]
  • Rashard Mendenhall will likely miss the first six weeks of the season. [Peter King]

Pic via Beer Mug Sports, of course