When I saw this tweet from Drew Brees late last night, my first reaction was to hide under a large object, and brace for the thunderous march of thought police who proudly control political correctness. We can debate whether or not the analogy by Brees works (in fact, we’ll do that about two sentences from now), but he’s allowed to make it. Political correctness hasn’t run that amok yet, I hope, so when the barrage of angst over Brees’ tweet didn’t come, that was progress.

As for the accuracy of the analogy, well, it’s a little ridiculous. Yes, the Bush administration used the supposed existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as part of their justification to invade a foreign country. And that ended poorly when no evidence of weapons was found. No evidence at all.

The comparison works up to that point, and then we take a swift turn into nonsense. There is bountygate evidence, against both the coaches and players. The disagreement primarily lies in whether or not you choose to believe what is presented in that evidence, not if it exists. Gregg Williams, the lead mastermind in the ongoing bounty mess, has publicly apologized and shown remorse, and so has Sean Payton.

This has now become a war of words from opposing sides engaged in a fight over the roles and responsibilities of the four players who are trying to save their reputations and reduce their punishments. But it’s growing increasingly clear that a bounty program existed.