We’ve barely gone several hours without a Percy Harvin post this week. So for that, Percy, we thank you, because without your help this week probably would have been spent searching for the best and latest in edible Tim Tebow products.

We miss you, football. Please come back soon.

Anywho, if there is a higher power up there somewhere, this will be the final Harvin post for a while. But probably not.

All is well now with our boy Percy, as he returned for the final day of his team’s mandatory mini camp today, and there wasn’t any problem with the Vikings receiver who’s slowly morphing into a classic enigmatic weirdo diva douche cut from the same dirty cloth as his friend Randy Moss.

Harvin’s comments regarding his issues with the team and his reported request for a trade caught the entire organization off guard, including his teammates. The odd events of the past few days led to the conclusion that Harvin is indeed developing a diva syndrome, with his personality swinging quickly in any direction. We see this, you see this, but Harvin doesn’t understand, and he said as much today in a tweet that was, well, odd:

Yeah, um, about that. Those “crazy reports” came from you, Percy. Your tweets, and your mouth.

It started two days ago, when Harvin was present at practice, but he didn’t participate. The reason? Issues

“I’ll just put it this way — it’s a lot of different things that have to be sorted out. Just haven’t been real happy lately. So, we’ve got a couple things to work on. I’m here in the classroom, so we’ll go from here.”

That’s what he said to reporters after he watched practice from the sidelines, and he wouldn’t elaborate or say exactly what the “things” are that need to be sorted out. So we were left to fabricate rumors speculate, and when that happens, someone always ends up looking like a villain.

But since we’re nice, wholesome people around here, we empathized with Harvin, and outlined some sound reasoning regarding his desire to move on once reports surfaced about his trade request. He didn’t speak to reporters in Minnesota yesterday, but through the magic of the Internet he still had the opportunity to confirm or deny those reports about his desire to play football for a team not named the Vikings.

All he had to do was punch the required keys on his keyboard to form this sentence…

The reports are false. I haven’t demanded a trade, and I want to play in Minnesota.

Or if he wanted to keep it real, he could have gone with this…

What the hell are you fools talking ’bout? The media are all scum. Do I want a trade? That’s a clown question, bro.

We still wouldn’t have believed him, but at least he would have been following the standard PR playbook, which calls for an attempt at a deflection. But instead late last night Harvin tweeted that he’s spoken to “cch” and he still has issues to work out. That didn’t sound cordial at all, because it wasn’t.

So now today’s tweet is finally his attempt at that standard cover up, but it’s really a heaping load of fecal matter. Live in blissful ignorance if you want, Vikings fan, but this isn’t over. Harvin’s just realized that he has no leverage whatsoever, and likely after having another conversation with Leslie Frazier and/or GM Rick Spielman he’s decided that his only option is to play nice, say nothing, and wait until he gains some pull in the situation.

That’ll happen if and when he has another productive season, which will postpone a contract standoff until next spring. Or if this really wasn’t about money the next chess match could come this season when Harvin doesn’t get the damn ball enough.

Have fun, Christian Ponder.