Exactly one week ago you heard a loud sound in the middle of the afternoon during what was otherwise likely a normal lazy Friday. You know, the kind where you do very little other than watch hands on a clock move.

Now you know the origin of that sound. It was football nerds nationwide shrieking with joy when it was discovered that the All-22 will be made available to the public for the upcoming season. There was elation, and husbands already plotting the required time slots on Sundays to watch at least 19 hours of game film. Others simply went straight to bed, because it’s already only about three months until meaningful football is played, and with the All-22, sleep won’t happen between September and February.

Yes, there was tremendous joy, but there was also a little apprehension. As we wrote last Friday, coaches will now face even more intense scrutiny, because the sideline and end zone cameras that show the positioning of all 22 players on the field for every play aren’t available to just an exclusive group of people anymore. Every lunatic wearing a grease-stained Jason Sehorn jersey will have access, and he won’t know what the hell he’s looking at, so therefore he’ll be screaming at nothing.

Sehorn guy probably does that anyway, but it’s still a fair point. Only a trained X’s and O’s mind can properly break down film, so it’s interesting to see this comment a week later from one of the most respected game film minds.

That’s Greg Cosell talking to Shutdown Corner’s Doug Farrar. Cosell has been a senior producer at NFL Films for 33 years, so the dude’s seen a lot of tape, and it’s a little daunting to hear that it may have taken him nearly half a decade to know what he was watching and be able to provide any intelligent insight and conclusions.

But that’s fine. You’ll watch the tape blind at first, and the education process will begin. Others will watch with the same blindness, and rewind the same interception eight times, with the screams growing louder. The All-22 isn’t for them.

It’s for the many football minds out there who are already budding X’s and O’s experts (and there are plenty of them scattered throughout the Internet), but they haven’t had regular access to quality game film yet. They’ll watch now, and they’ll watch for hours. Then they’ll write, and their analysis and commentary will be infinitely better, and so will the conversations and discourse about the game.

The audience will become far more intelligent and educated, and then as you, kind reader and watcher, read the enhanced analysis and learn how to watch game film on your own, you may develop the same passion and interest that inspired Cosell. He had to start somewhere, and now the next generation of game film gurus will have readily available access.

That’s the underlying goal here. Breed more intelligent minds, and foster better conversation.

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