Your first question is “who the hell is Jerron McMillian?” Fine, I suppose that is mildly important information. He’s a rookie Packers defensive back who was selected in the fourth round this year.

There, happy? His name isn’t nearly as important as the length of his hair. There are children in this world who are younger than McMillian’s dreads.

Have we written recently that it’s June, and June is usually the slowest of the slow months in the NFL? No? Well yeah, that’s often true, although this year has definitely been the exception thanks to the ongoing bounty debacle in New Orleans, Percy Harvin and his issues, and Tim Tebow toast.

One brave man in Green Bay decided to pull a typical June story from his bag. Paul Imig from Fox Sports Wisconsin was interested in hair, and specifically the growing beaver dam on McMillian’s back.

Noting that McMillian’s follicle forest easily trounces Troy Polamalu’s famous puffball, Imig asked if he plans on getting a haircut any time soon.

The answer? Umm, no.

“It’s been seven years and counting. I don’t know if it’s the longest in the NFL, but it’s past the middle of my lower back.”

So basically, McMillian is on his way to bringing this to the NFL…

Welp, now you know.

Thanks for making me wash my hair repeatedly, Total Packers