Chris Kluwe thoroughly enjoys being a wizard with his magic marker. His canvass is usually a whiteboard, and his audience is you, the consumers of awesomeness on the Internet.

His opinions are passionate and real, but they’ve usually been relayed through the use of stick men. He spoke his mind during the lockout in a convenient three-slide storyboard that featured an insane clown man who represented the owners, and he’s publicly threatened to force a position change onto anyone who fakes an injury, and make them become a punter.

But this time he’s taking on a far more serious matter that’s not fit for a debate between stick people, although I’m sure at some point they’ll become involved too. He’s following the lead of the Oreo cookie, and sticking up for gay marriage.

This November when America votes, the State of Minnesota has attached a highly divisive constitution amendment to the ballot. If it’s passed the amendment will alter the state’s constitution to read that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman. Kluwe has partnered with Minnesotans for Equality, and he’s made three 30-second radio ads.

Here’s one of them…

Now, I’m sure you don’t have a strong opinion on this subject, because no one does. Gay marriage is widely known as a pleasant discussion point across the great land of America that doesn’t fill anyone with rage or irrational hate.

Since both of those sentences are completely false, Kluwe deserves heavy praise just for having the courage to speak his beliefs so openly. Yes, we live in a free society, where free speech is inherently encouraged. But even if he’s just a measly punter, Kluwe is still in the public eye constantly, so voicing his stance on a controversial piece of legislation puts him square in the crosshairs of those who don’t care to hear his opinion, and won’t be afraid to voice their displeasure in return.

Punters have a lot of time to hear awful words from the crowd on the sidelines, but Kluwe cares very little about that. He also spoke to Out Sports, calling the proposed amendment in Minnesota “blatant discrimination,” and saying that if a player in his locker room were to announce publicly that he’s gay, he’d do everything he could to provide support.

This is yet another encouraging sign of an open, welcoming attitude in the NFL, one that accepts any lifestyle.

And now the links part of the links post…

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