That’s right, fans of contradiction. Tim Tebow is behind only David Beckham as the athlete most likely to make a woman commit a marital sin. Yes, the general consensus is that women really want to commit a sin with a man who lives his life trying not to commit any sins, ever.

The NFL’s favorite religious virgin is second in a recent poll by Ashley Madison that asked women which athlete they’d be most likely to cheat on their husbands with if given the chance.

The margin between Beckham and the Jets’ backup Messiah is predictably sizable in the poll that had over 13,500 women eagerly willing to anonymously confessing their sinful wishes. Beckham carried 43.1 percent of the vote, while Tebow lagged far behind at 19.6, but we care very little about that.

What’s important to note about the infidelity preferences of the modern woman is that Tebow has now passed fellow dreamboat Tom Brady (17.9), and he’s also ahead of serial supermodel dater Derek Jeter (16.5). The most telling sign of Tebow’s reign over New York, though, is his destruction of Mark Sanchez (8.1).

But do these women really want Tebow for his boyish charm and hulky physique (not that I’ve noticed)? Or are they just V-card chasers looking to cash in? Resist the devil women, Tim. You can never turn back.