It’s amazing how often being filthy rich athletes who are the deeply desired man meat of every young blond capable of breathing just isn’t quite good enough for NFL players. Nope, instead they have to poison our ears with rap songs that rhyme wet suit with sweat suit.

Yes, that happened, and now Stevie Johnson has set in motion the ultimate nightmare: the Bills winning enough in 2012 to make the playoffs, and this song blaring over the speakers at Ralph Wilson Stadium any time he does something notable.

The song in question is yet another reminder of why NFL players should just say no to rapping, a pandemic that’s sweeping the NFL this offseason, with the amount of lyrical atrocities creeping closer to the arrest rate for Lions players. Johnson teamed up with The Game to make Run It Back, a symphony of rhythmic name dropping that’s read entirely from an iPhone.

Stevie, if you need an offseason hobby away from the gym and football field, just stick to your true talent: dropping babies.