Firstly, let me say how awful it felt to write Chad Johnson instead of Chad Ochocinco in that headline. Chad Ochocinco officially died yesterday, and the re-birth of Chad Johnson formally took place when the name change was completed prior to Johnson’s wedding and marriage to Evelyn Lozada. The Spanish name that was never really a Spanish name at all and was instead a Spanish typo was always beyond absurd, but it’ll still be missed.

But on to more important matters, like Johnson live tweeting his wedding. Yep, he said he’d do it, and he sort of did, although by his standards the tweets were mostly pretty lame. Go through his timeline, and you won’t see much of note from the day. This is a guy who regularly asks important questions on Twitter that force you to ponder your existence (I still don’t know the proper boiling time for condoms), and yet his commentary last night was mostly just him telling us he was nervous, and that uninvited butterflies of the stomach variety crashed his wedding.

He also didn’t drink at his own wedding because he just doesn’t drink…at all, ever. It seems this new Johnson character is a fun vacuum. Miss you, Ocho.

But enough with Johnson’s continued infatuation with trying to be sometimes funny, but mostly insect-level annoying on Twitter. Once you get past that outer layer of clown-ism, he’s a genuinely awesome guy, and we saw him demonstrate that when he invited a total stranger to his wedding after she contacted him through Twitter.

That stranger’s name is Cheryl Minton, and she’s a woman from Ohio whose husband just died following a stroke. Because the Internet is a place where twisted minds do incomprehensible things, initially there were questions about Minton’s story, and whether or not she’s a celebrity chaser of some kind who was just looking for a free ride to a rich dude’s wedding.

Those questions were quickly shot down, and Minton made the trip.

Johnson’s done plenty to create the divide between those who love and hate him, and he’s mostly done it by never shutting up. But you have no soul if you haven’t gained some respect for him after this gesture.