I almost didn’t bother with this, partly because we already gave our cordial Adrian Peterson update earlier this morning, but mostly because posting a mugshot is usually an act of flogging the proverbial horse when it’s already dead and bleeding profusely.

But when a mugshot is this fantastic, I’d be derelict in my duties if I didn’t share it, and would be neglecting my blogger pledge to serve you all the awesomeness the NFL provides on the Internet.

This mugshot was presumably taken just hours after Peterson–who’s well known as a class act, and a great leader–allegedly had a very uncharacteristic encounter with the Houston authorities. Even if it eventually emerges that he’s not at fault, the optics of an elite NFL running back having to be restrained at a nightclub in the early morning hours still aren’t good, and this has the potential to at least leave a minor stain on Peterson’s otherwise unblemished reputation.

When the camera clicked outside of his temporary Houston jail cell, Peterson cared very little about all of that. He was happy. He was so very, very happy.

Thanks, Tom Pelissero