Around here, we just assume that every NFL player does varying amounts of rising and grinding every offseason morning, and that life consists of jogging at midnight through barren country roads, and lifting tires. There’s no time for personal pleasure, because usually that ends in assuming an aggressive stance while trying to keep it real.

But Jaguars defensive end Austen Lane is busting through that mold. He knows that a quality offseason training program requires balanced levels of mental and physical stimulation, in addition to sporadic interaction with strangers. The fifth-round pick in 2010 out of Murray State hasn’t made an impact yet (14 tackles and one sack over two seasons), but judging by the intense Monday workout regimen he posted on his Twitter account last night, that’s about to change.

Players who have a Bro Schedule aren’t messing around. Today, Lane will be the broliest of all the bros by having the bro-est day possible.

If you follow any NFL players on Twitter, you’ve surely noticed the abundant usage of the word “grinding” in its various contexts at unhealthy hours of the morning, so we give Lane a knuckle touch and/or fanny pat for pocking fun at that.

We get it, guys. You’re grinding. You’re all grinding.

Also of note, we agree with Doug Farrar: the activity at 3:15 should probably be rephrased. Or if that’s truly what Lane is doing at that time, he probably shouldn’t tweet it. Eating people is illegal.

Thanks, Alfie Crow

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  1. Very funny. is this for real? Just a thought. :)
    I think NFL players really have good bodies and possibly have intense workouts for that. My boyfriend is also planning to get into some intense workout to have a body like Austen. can’t wait for that to happen!

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