When we last checked in with Adrian Peterson, the level of douche involved in his Saturday morning square off with the local badges in Houston at the town tavern was heavily in question. The same can be said for the allocation of the douche factor, as it wasn’t entirely clear who was the douche instigator, and who was merely the innocent crossfire victim trying to minimize and snuff out the presence of douche.

It was a confusing, twisted little scene that may or may not have involved Peterson committing the heinous crime of requesting hydration before leaving a drinking establishment. So before we venture deeper into the crushing nothingness exciting Monday that is the start of another July week in NFL land, we should follow up on the Peterson situation to see if anything new has developed in the 48 or so hours since he was arrested.

How ’bout it, AP? Anything new to report?

Nope. Nothing at all.

Those are tweets from Sunday afternoon, after the spokesperson for the Houston Police Department said that an off-duty cop asked Peterson’s group to leave a nightclub after closing time, and then when he returned and asked again, Peterson angrily said he had heard him the first time, and shoved the officer. He then “assumed an aggressive stance,” and two more off-duty officers were needed to restrain Peterson and complete the arrest.

Other reports indicated that Peterson asked to get a glass of water, at which point a shouting match started with the first officer. But once that fizzled down, Peterson was leaving quietly when he was jumped by another policeman.

For now, that’s still all we have. Reports that hint at racial profiling are being held in stark contrast against the statements by the Houston PD. There’s a history of the former in Houston, while there’s very little history of Peterson acting like a moron at a club.

We also have this video of the arrest from TMZ. While it’s equal parts captivating and comical (“ADRIAN’S MY FRIEND!!!”) it shows very little, as the arrest looks like the kind of skirmish with authorities that happens at every bar/club ever on every night everywhere.

Someone acted like a complete fool here, it’s just unclear who exactly the fool was. So yes, Adrian, the truth will come out eventually.

And now the links part of the links post…

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