Well, that’s not the official charge, but it should be. We can dispute whether or not Adrian Peterson was acting a fool during his little police scuffle, or if it was instead crooked cops unfairly power trippin’.

But there’s not questioning the supreme level of idiocy and immaturity shown by Eagles backup running back Dion Lewis.

The Albany Times Union tells us how the good times rolled and then turned bad for Lewis and his older brother early Saturday morning:

The incident unfolded around 4 a.m., when Lewis and his brother, Lamar Lewis, were locked out of the Hampton Inn on Chapel Street, police said. The two men then tried to get back into the hotel, but the sliding glass door to the lobby was locked, Officer Steve Smith said.

The brothers then started to bang on the doors and pulled the alarm.

The two were then arrested for falsely reporting a fire and reckless endangerment. To the surprise of no one, police reported that they were intoxicated.

Technically then, this is a crime, although calling it a felony offense is quite difficult. It’s an act of juvenile stupidity by a 21-year-old kid, and most importantly, Lewis is now a serious threat to the sleep Americans so desperately need.

Still, surely in this modern age there was another far more efficient and legal means of communication to solve the predicament of being locked out of a hotel room. Like, say, a cell phone, and a call to anyone. Anyone at all.