Josh Gordon has been called the best prospect to enter the supplemental draft over the past 15 years. Since it’s a draft for losers and dropouts, that’s not exactly a high compliment, but at the very least it gives us something to irrationally obsess over to pass the time during one of the few remaining¬†excruciatingly slow weeks before meaningful football activity starts (26 more days until the first preseason game…ya boi!).

Gordon may fully deserve the high praise he’s receiving, or maybe he doesn’t and he’s a complete fraud. Making a prediction about a supplemental pick with any confidence is always a practice in dark-room dart throwing.

Now that the standard mega-hyped prospect disclaimer is out of the way, Gordon sure seems like he’s sort of talented, and could be an immediate asset for a team that needs either a quick upgrade at the wide receiver position, or depth. It’s been widely speculated that a team will use a second-round pick on the Baylor product during Thursday’s draft. For an idea of his perceived value at that draft position, over the past five years Torrey Smith, Randall Cobb, Mohamed Massaquoi, Eddie Royal, and Jerome Simpson have been drafted in the second round.

To solidify that lofty grade, Gordon held his Pro Day today where he worked out for 21 teams. Yes, 21 teams, a number that will be emphasized far too much. What that really means is that half a dozen or so teams are legitimately interested (the Dolphins, Redskins, Browns, Panthers, and Cowboys still lead the list, or at least our list), and the rest have smoke flowing steadily.

Regardless, the aim today was to look like a polished, shining uber prospect. Instead, Gordon looked like a moderately alright and still pretty good prospect, if workout numbers mean anything to you, and they should mean so very, very little.

But for what it’s worth, Gordon ran a 4.52 in the 40-yard dash, according to Adam Kaplan. While that’s a fine time for a receiver of his size (he measured 6’3″, weighing 224 pounds), it’s not the boner-growing sub 4.4 time that’s been floated by Adam Schefter, and other such pundits who have committed the crime of making fans of WR-needy teams hopelessly addicted to hope.

He also pulled his quad at one point during the workout, but the injury wasn’t serious enough to stop him from running routes, and when he did that he didn’t drop a single pass.

So he can run fast, he’s tall, and he’s really good at catching a football. Those are all things we knew before a bunch of grown men watched Gordon run around in his underwear, and we still know them now. Now we’ll wait to see if his inflated value holds, but even if it does questions will still linger.

Will Gordon fulfill his upside like the aforementioned second-round picks? It’s just as easy to join the vast wasteland at the other extreme. Fast, tall, and athletic receivers like James Hardy and Brian Robiskie have also been second-round busts over the past five years.

Pic via Baylor EDU