In the days following Adrian Peterson’s night of fun in Houston that ended in handcuffs, a morning in a jail cell that wasn’t much fun at all, and a charge for resisting arrest when it’s still unclear exactly what he was resisting, we’ve come to understand that Peterson is pissed. Very, Very pissed.

That’s why he hired Rusty Hardin. You don’t hire a lawyer who just successfully defended Roger Clemens unless you’re out to mount the heads of the arresting officers on your mantle. So since we’re very much in the business of connecting those easy dots, the belief was that a lawsuit of some kind could be coming from Peterson, most likely for unlawful arrest and detainment.

And that may come still, but if we read the fuzzy words between the lines of Hardin’s interview yesterday with Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network, it’s sounding like there’s a way the Houston Police Department can save themselves, minimize public disgrace, and end this swiftly.

They can exonerate Peterson, and clear his name on all charges. That’s the request Hardin has made repeatedly, and he told Siciliano that’s where his focus lies right now.

“We’ll just concentrate on getting this taken care of first. The key thing for everybody to understand is Adrian never pushed, shoved or hit a police officer, and any suggestions that he did are just flat false. The initial reports were clearly wrong as to what happened. He wasn’t refusing to leave. He was leaving when he was placed under arrest; he did have some words with a police officer, but not anything that justifies an arrest and he certainly never did anything physically toward him. So I think when this is all over, the prosecutors are going to have to conclude these charges should never have been filed.”

Hardin’s job is to clear dirt from names, and he has some powerful ammunition too. Since Saturday we’ve also heard repeatedly that there’s surveillance video of the incident, and that video would presumably verify or refute Peterson’s claims. Hardin told Mike Florio–who’s filling in for Dan Patrick this morning on his radio show–that’s simply not true, and there is no footage. He also said six witnesses have spoken out in favor of Peterson, which casts a wide and damning net of reasonable doubt over the actions of the Houston PD.

This might not end well for the badges.

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