The Jaguars need to make sure their fans feel cool, even it it means their players feel hot. Very hot.

In a decision that wasn’t at all aimed at making fans pay for more jerseys that are a different color than the two they already own, the Jags and new owner Shahid Khan decided to revive the all-black jersey, a fan favorite worn at home that faded a few years ago in favor of the current teal green puke stain. Instead of having a mean and fierce dark uni that made the team at least look imposing, they went with a color found on linoleum floors in the late 70s.

Not to worry though, fans, because Khan promised to bring back the all-blacks, and according to Paul Lekas of Uni Watch, the design leaked this morning on is indeed the scheme the Jags are rolling with.

This will be the alternate third jersey in 2012, and then the Jaguars will shift the teal to the alternate position in 2013, where the league’s worst jersey can be forgotten forever.

So what say you, jersey nerds?

From the bit of discussion I’ve seen on Twitter, there’s some built up keyboard rage about the striping that makes this new look too amateurish, and some angst that it too closely resembles a failed Nike college football experiment. Fair enough, but again, you don’t really like the teal, do you? The overbearing ugliness of that jersey can’t be overstated. This is progress, kids.