Jonathan Stewart needs to be traded. Not because that would benefit the Carolina Panthers (even though it would), and not because Carolina is an awful place to play professional football.

No, his motivation should be purely selfish, and as we discussed yesterday, there are times when a player needs to be selfish. Even if it’s ultimately a futile attempt, Jonathan Stewart needs to request a trade because it’s in the best interests of Jonathan Stewart.

But despite his burial in a time share with the overrated and overpaid DeAngelo Williams, and the Panthers’ signing of Mike Tolbert this offseason, Stewart has no motivation to move elsewhere as we head into training camp. He’s good, or so he says.

Tell us more, Jonathan:

“There’s no reason why I would want to leave as of now. With that being said, I’m a Panther and I intend on being one.

“I’m not an agent. I’m not a GM. I’m not an owner. I’m not a coach. I’m a player. So what a player does is prepare himself to play football games. So no matter what happens, I’m ready.”

That’s not all a player does in this league. Not at all.

A wise player capable of gauging the market and knowing the realities of his position needs to have a bit of foresight, and put himself in a position to maximize his talents and value. Stewart is entering the final season of his rookie contract and is set to earn $1.3 million, and before he plays out that year he should want to be somewhere else. Making that a reality may be difficult, but it’s Stewart’s lack of desire to move that’s odd. He should want out now, because if he remains in Carolina his production will be limited, and so will his value on the open market.

After a year when Stewart had only five games with 60 or more rushing yards while averaging a career-low 47.6 yards per game on 761 yards overall, his value is already low. He’s supposed to be a short yardage and goal-line bruiser, but he only scored four touchdowns last year, and now Tolbert has arrived to vulture those carries.

Williams was mediocre at best and had just 52.3 yards per game last year, but his ludicrous contract (five years with $43 million, and $21 million guaranteed) means that he’ll still receive a large percentage of the carries, and will never allow Stewart to be the featured back.

Until there’s a major training camp injury, there’s little Stewart can do right now, because the time for trading and roster alignment is done. But hopefully his words yesterday were just some pleasant PR gibberish, because if he truly wants to remain with a team that has two other RBs locked up through the 2015 season, he doesn’t understand the fleeting existence of the NFL running back, and his need to cash in now at the age of 25.

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