To be fair, the man can really grind.

Training camp is still two weeks away, and meaningful football is six weeks out. You’re mad, lost, and scared. You assume that NFL players do things to prepare for the season. Things like run, lift weights, and eat apples. Like your kindergarten scrapbook that’s filled with sand and stick men, our Offseason Scrapbook will track the travels and trials of NFL players through their social media rantings during this time of freedom.

Twitter has given fans unprecedented insight into the minds of professional athletes. Some use this link to the fans as a way to promote themselves, their teams, and products they happen to endorse. Others spout nonsense or even offensive garbage, possibly not understanding that once something goes out onto the Internet, it pretty much stays there forever. They essentially eliminate the filter that usually exists between their brains and their mouths, and verbal diarrhea becomes diarrhea that flows from their fingers to the keyboard.

Detroit Lions running back Kevin Smith seems like a decent guy, and his Twitter account is mostly positive and inoffensive.  One thing I learned though: Smith loves to grind.

In fact, he’s spent his entire offseason grinding, with his level of grindiness gradually increasing as training camp gets closer.

We have yet to be told exactly what grinding means. We know it’s a verb, and it’s an embedded part of the NFL player Twitter vernacular that most commonly describes working out.

However, it can also describe simply working, like at a normal day job. The man who collects your garbage, is he grinding? What if you work at a store that sells axes, and your job is to sharpen the axes? You’d be grinding all day, and everyone knows it. So saying that you’re grinding would be a little redundant, no?

Smith doesn’t ever define grinding for us. We just know that he’s grinding. All the time.

And grinding some more…

Still grinding…

He. Doesn’t. Stop. Grinding.

This one changes the wording, you know, for some variety.

A little more variety, but the message stays the same. He must continue to grind.

He’ll even retweet when other people decide to grind.

You can tell the season is inching closer and closer because the grind related tweets are reaching a fever pitch. Dude has been grinding for four straight days now.

I’m not trying to pick on Smith, he’s just a man who’s 100 percent committed to grinding, and with all of the horror stories you hear about professional athletes, it’s better to be addicted to grinding than to be addicted to blow.