The ire of one of the NFL’s elite running backs that drove him to hire Rusty Hardin as his attorney is directed squarely at two specific police officers, and not the Houston Police Department as a whole.

That’s what Adrian Peterson said outside of a Houston courtroom today after his brief appearance. So it seems this isn’t a broad, blanket case of mistreatment, but instead it may be a situation in which two officers overstepped their boundaries and used excessive or unnecessary force.

Here’s Peterson’s full quote: (from Dan Wiederer)

“I definitely don’t have a problem with the Houston P.D. This involves two individual officers. That I have an issue with. Once everything is settled and (comes) to a head, the truth will come out.”

One of the two officers in question is presumably and almost surely the off duty cop who was working as a security guard at the Bayou Place in Houston last Friday night. He’s the officer who made the initial contact with Peterson, telling his entourage to leave at closing time, and then claiming that when he asked them to leave again, a shouting match began that ended in the Vikings running back shoving him and assuming an aggressive fighting stance.

That’s when the first officer pooped his pants needed the help of two more badges to cuff Peterson and put him in the slammer, where he then gave the Internet the gift of a fantastic mug shot.

Peterson also said that he’s “200 percent” innocent, which is pretty damn innocent. I mean, the tooth fairy isn’t even that innocent, and neither is Barney, because he’s a purple dinosaur and it’s in his nature to do wildly inappropriate things to other dinosaurs.

Peterson’s appearance today in court was brief because Hardin wanted prosecutors to gather more evidence. They left before the judge even entered the room after agreeing to schedule Peterson’s next court date for Aug. 6, at which point we’ll get to see this case descend further into a theater of the absurd.

There’s no footage of the alleged shoving match, and there are six witnesses speaking out in Peterson’s favor, which strongly hints that the events of last Friday are rooted in the poor decisions of a few overzealous cops, and now the Houston Police Department is trying to protect its image.