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  1. Are they starting an airline or something?

  2. That Dolphin needs a helmet.

  3. they will probably do what the Lions Seahawks and Panthers did by streamlining the logo, less detail, smoother edges and a meaner fish face
    im sure Goddell would want the Dolphin to keep its helmet on though to prevent more concussions
    but the way this team has been playing for the last decades im afraid they have already suffered enough traumatic hits to the noggin, or at least the fans have anyway

  4. I saw go classic like San Fran and San Diego have

  5. new logo sucks,ive been a die hard fan since the 70′s and you will not catch me wearing anything with new logo . IT SUCKS!!!

  6. this is a horrible idea, first the marlins look like clowns and now this? go back to the way the uniforms in the early marino era, the last time you could proudly be a dolphins fan.

  7. The new logo sucks, it’s a totally crap, i like the today logo, it’s the best logo in history team

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