We live in a world where people are generally stupid and are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  I count myself as one of these idiots, but fortunately, no one is paying me handsome stacks of cash in exchange for my services as a mid-level blogger. Unfortunately, many athletes fall under this umbrella of foolish mouth breathing, and they’re paid giant sums of money on the promise that they can physically perform athletic feats for said cash.

Last year, Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy got in a pre-training camp motorcycle accident that cost him the preseason. After that, he never really found his stride and struggled during a four-sack season while starting all 16 games.

But hey, we learn from our mistakes, right?  Right?

Well, apparently not. After his morning workout (or grind, if you will) Hardy tweeted this…

Come on Greg, seriously?  Not only are you screaming along at a hundred miles an hour, but you’re taking the time to capture this disregard for traffic laws by snapping a picture and posting it on twitter. Please tell me you are sitting in the back seat, and someone else is guiding this missile.

Hey, I understand.  I’m sure it’s pretty awesome being wealthy and having a car that doesn’t eject the engine when you hit 45 miles an hour. But come on man, a bit of common sense a week before training camp would be nice.