Dez Bryant has always been a little troubled. He entered the draft with plenty of pretty red flags from his time at Oklahoma State, some of which may have been manufactured by general managers and scouts who really wanted to know if his mother was a prostitute.

There’s no doubt that he’s shady, because non-shady people don’t get sued for owing more than $600,000 for tickets and jewelery, and $50,000 for an unpaid loan. He was also in an altercation with Lil Wayne’s entourage outside of a nightclub in Miami, giving us another example of when keeping it real goes wrong. And for some reason the incident–and I use the word loosely–that people remember most is an absurdly overblown run-in with mall security that ended with Bryant being banned from making a few frivolous retail purchases at a Dallas shopping center because his pants were too low. Although, in fairness, there should be a law about that.

But whereas his previous legal incidents that didn’t end with an arrest were largely the result of the expected money mismanagement that comes with an immature athlete becoming very rich, very fast, shoving your mom has established a new level of crazy/stupid. Last night word surfaced that over the weekend Bryant was involved in a domestic incident that ended in his arrest on Monday once further evidence was reviewed.

Then later Monday night we learned more details, including who was on the other end of a shove by Bryant.

From ESPN Dallas:

A source said late Monday night that Bryant, in an argument with his half brother, wound up pushing his mother, Angela. According to the source, police responded to a call on Saturday night, but no arrests were made at that point. Further examination of the reports resulted in Monday’s arrest, the source said.

Bryant was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for assaulting a female family member, police told KDFW-TV in Dallas. The woman did not need to be taken to the hospital for her injuries, the report said.

It’s difficult to say right now if this will result in a suspension. Yes, Bryant has shown poor judgement, is clearly misguided, and he has a less than ideal family and social circle. These are well established facts.

However, this is still his first arrest, and frankly, it’s a rather innocent one. Look, one domestic violence disturbance is one too many, but we’re mercifully finishing an offseason of road mayhem with multiple DUIs (Marshawn Lynch was the latest drunk driver because he forgot to chew his sobriety Skittles), dudes flashing guns during traffic disputes, and players thinking that eating weed is a splendid idea.

This is an incident contained behind closed doors, and a family argument that escalated a bit too far. While I understand the instinctive urge to leap and arrive at the conclusion that Bryant will forever be a troubled, tortured soul, the sad fact is that by the standards of this offseason, his alleged shove is actually tame behavior.

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