Recently, there’s been a rash of professional athlete related DUIs, including one last week where New York Knicks point guard Jason Kidd tried to play chicken with a telephone pole. When you are drunk, adding key to ignition is never OK.

On Saturday, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence after a traffic stop on interstate highway 880 just outside of Emeryville California. He was taken to Santa Rita Jail where a blood test revealed that he was above the .08 legal limit, after which he was cited and released.

This is hardly Lynch’s first brush with the law, as in 2008 he had his license revoked after a hit and run incident outside of a bar in Buffalo. In 2009 the NFL suspended him for three games after he pleaded guilty to having a concealed firearm hidden in the trunk of his vehicle.

Lynch has flourished since his trade from Buffalo to Seattle in 2010, setting career highs in rushing (1,204 yards) and rushing touchdowns (12) in 2011. He won’t be replicating those numbers this year since the league is sure to suspend him for at least four games.

Something has to be done about these repeat offenders, especially after the rash of incidents this summer. This is now the fifth DUI charge among NFL players this offseason, so suspending them for a handful of games isn’t sufficient. I have enough to worry about in my life without a dude bombing around town, sometimes while drunk, other times playing bumper cars with pedestrians.

Maybe I should just stay away from the west coast, and away from Manitoba…or maybe I should just stay inside today.