This is not Jerrod Johnson.

Michael Vick is doing a media blitz right now to promote his new book “Finally Free” that’s due out on Sept. 4. In it, Vick reflects back on the poor choices he made that led to his involvement in dogfighting, and he describes in detail his life growing up in Virginia, and how eventually in his neighborhood violence and crime became white noise. He also admitted that he lied to Roger Goodell and tried to conceal his involvement in dogfighting.

Of course, we can only learn so much about his writing through the limited excerpts that have been released and the descriptions Vick has given in interviews. But by all accounts so far it seems like he’s very genuine and open in a book that he began to work on in prison.

And that’s great, it really is. But while they’re re-telling and discussing his heartwarming(?) and very serious story of crime and personal redemption, the Today Show should probably realize that Michael Vick isn’t Jerrod Johnson.

That’s who they showed in B-roll footage. Two quite notable differences: Vick wears No. 7, and he’s left handed. Facepalm.

Thanks, Scott Lewis and Guyism