Elvis Dumervil allegedly prefers to use handguns to solve traffic disputes when words and perhaps a jerk-ish tailgating job would suffice. He was arrested this past weekend in Miami and charged with felony aggravated assault after he didn’t appreciate the abrupt lane change of a fellow vehicle operator.

In that situation most of us would pull over, and politely ask the driver if they could please invest in a pair of bifocals. The scene would be cordial and peaceful, just like every roadside exchange. A string of four-letter words may flow, but only in the most extreme circumstances.

Dumervil allegedly approached a vehicle and showed the driver a previously concealed weapon in his pants, a sign that he meant business, and the business he may have been ready to conduct is the kind that non-gangster citizens usually aim to avoid.

Today a Denver business used its billboard–the same billboard that publicly scorned Kyle Orton last fall–to deliver some wise words to Dumervil regarding his gun usage.

Words to live by, Elvis.

Thanks, Ian Rapoport