Robert Quinn charged with DWI

Another day, another DUI in the world of sports. It seems like these guys haven’t been informed about the advent of the telephone. If they knew that such magical devices existed, they would surely call a cab or one of the hundreds of hanger-ons that comprise their entourage.

In the past couple of weeks, New York Knicks guard Jason Kidd, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and Winnipeg Jets goaltender Ondrej Pavelec have all been caught driving after ingesting a few too many spirits.  Well, we can add another name to the list.

St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn was pulled over in Florissant, Missouri on July 10th and charged with three traffic violations including a DWI.

Quinn was the Rams first round pick in 2011 (14th), despite missing the entire 2010 NCAA season after it was revealed that he lied to investigators about receiving jewelry, travel accommodations, and other gifts from agents during his tenure at the University of North Carolina.

Quinn is the sixth NFL player to be charged with driving under the influence this off-season, joining Nick Fairley, Aldon Smith and Justin Blackmon in the ever expanding group of first-rounders over the past two drafts that have been charged with DUI/DWI.

It amazes me that it took so long for this information to be released. In the 24-hour news cycle that is the Internet, where celebrities tweet about their bowel movements, it’s astounding that the Rams were able to keep this news under their hats for more than a week.

And a message to everyone (not just athletes): STOP DRIVING DRUNK!  I understand that you feel more charming after a few pints. Hell, maybe you are (I know I am). But you’ll look a lot less charming after you cause a massive accident that forces eight kids into that crooked orphanage you saw on Date-Line.

*Gets off soapbox*