It never ends.

Titans receiver Kenny Britt has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This comes only a day after Robert Quinn was charged with DWI, and it means a week before training camps start, the NFL arrest total this offseason has risen to 27, and the nine arrests in the month of July may be an unofficial record.

Britt and teammate Tommie Campbell were reportedly with a female soldier when they were stopped at the military base gate, according to 104.5 The Zone, a radio station in Nashville.

These adult children need supervision. They need it now, and that’s so very, very sad.

Each time there’s been an arrest and especially a drunk driving charge this offseason (and there’s been plenty of them, with Britt unbelievably the eighth DUI/DWI, although I may have lost count), there’s been nearly immediate blame placed on the increased amount of free time that players have during the offseason now due to the new organized team workout restrictions in the CBA. For some, the equation is simple: more free time = more time to do something stupid.

I’m not sure what’s more pathetic: those who hold that view, or that NFL players have made it possible to create that narrative.

It’s true that during the season and during training camp and minicamps players have more supervision. But although they’re young men, they’re still grown men who should be fully aware of the consequences of their actions, and the optics they’re creating for the league. Supervision shouldn’t be required to hammer simple common sense into an adult. When you’re at a bar or a drinking location of any kind, the understanding that driving afterwards is a bad idea should come naturally.

And for most, it does. Every weekend and every night during this offseason potentially hundreds of NFL players are sipping Patron with a tiger on their lap along with a blond vixen who wants to get naked and start the revolution, and they arrive home safe, and without breaking any laws. To some extent, the rash of incidents has been the proverbial case of a few rotten apples spoiling an otherwise good batch, with the behavioral problems of Nick Fairley, Mikel Leshoure, and Justin Blackmon well known and documented prior to their arrests.

Britt is also a turd, and unfortunately it’s looking like he always will be. Last offseason he was arrested twice, once for starting a police chase. His total arrest count is now incredibly at eight since he was drafted in 2009, and he avoided a suspension last year because of the lockout, with the lawless days of NFL labor strife creating an outlaw state in which Roger Goodell couldn’t punish players for their stupidity.

Britt’s production this year was already uncertain since he continues to recover from a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee, an injury he suffered early last season. Now a suspension is almost certainly looming.

UPDATE: Campbell called the reports “ridiculous,” saying that he wasn’t in the car, and he’s been in Pennsylvania since last Friday.