Just over a week ago, Dez Bryant allegedly assaulted his mother, leading to his arrest and brief imprisonment, and calls for the Cowboys to finally take action with their young receiver whose immense talent is only exceeded by his immaturity. At the very least that action could be a team suspension if he’s not suspended by the league first, and at worst there was discussion of Bryant getting released.

Now Bryant and his mother Angela want us to forget about all of that. They want every reported detail erased from our memories, including the police report that documented Bryant shoving his mother, grabbing her and ripping her bra, and hitting her with a baseball hat.

Oh, and the 911 call when Angela said he son is trying to kill her, and she vowed to “put an end to it today.” Yeah, forget that too.

That was essentially their request during a quick press conference earlier this afternoon when the two sat in solidarity but didn’t say word, letting their attorney Royce West speak on their behalf in a prepared statement.

“Did a family disagreement occur? Yes. Did Dez Bryant commit family violence against his mother? No.”

“They are here together today to show they do love and support each other. Just as much as they did before the incident a week ago. But like all families, the Bryants have disagreements.”

Don’t try to rationalize this, shrewd attorney Mr. West, or make it sound normal. It isn’t.

Yes, disagreements and household arguments are commonplace. We’ve all had an argument with a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, grandparent, dog, cat, or goldfish. Usually once the temperature of the heads involved cools, logical thinking resumes, and apologies happen shortly thereafter.

Normal, routine household disagreements don’t end in a 911 call, even if just several days later Bryant’s mother is entirely backing away from her panicked tone during that call. And normal disagreements between a mother and her son don’t end in an appearance by the police, and a documented struggle of some kind.

Angela doesn’t want to press charges, and that’s her right. But the district attorney still has plenty to work with, and so does Roger Goodell.