Technically, Albert Haynesworth is a free agent. But he’s a free agent in the same sense that you and I are free agents. He has little to offer on the field, and off the field he’d just sit around. Yeah, I think that appropriately describes my NFL role should it ever exist.

It’s been a while since our last lengthy anti-Haynesworth rant in which his love for laying motionless on the soft, comfy field turf was ridiculed mostly for my enjoyment. So we’ll keep this short, much like the moments when Haynesworth gave any effort whatsoever as a Redskin.

We knew this day would come. We all did, and when he was cut three times over an eight-month stretch–most recently by the Bucs even after he sort of looked respectable with 21 tackles over seven games–it seemed like we would finally start and end a season without Haynesworth on a team and pretending to care. In retirement he’ll surely relax and enjoy fine cuisine while finding other creative ways to pay for restaurant bills.

Now another voice who supports the notion that Hayneswoth is done has spoken, and he’s the self-proclaimed man (singular, very singular) who still likes Haynesworth. He’s Jim Washburn, Haynesworth’s former defensive line coach in Tennessee.

“I think he’s finished,” Washburn, who’s now the defensive line coach in Philadelphia, told CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank. “He’s has a degenerative back.”

Sure, there may have be injuries along the way, Jim, but the main impediment holding Haynesworth back from fading more gracefully into the NFL twilight like, say, Visanthe Shiancoe and Jeremy Shockey is his lack of commitment. And that in turn has lead to another far greater barrier for Haynesworth, who comically said after his release from Tampa that he wants to play in 2012, and he aims to get back on top and “be the best defensive tackle in football.”

“Everybody hates him,” Washburn added, before admitting that he still has an undying love for fat Albert.

And really, how could you not love this?