Medically speaking, having blood in your urine is the opposite of good. It’s often a sign that you’ve taken repeated blows to a part of the body that isn’t designed to sustain such violence.

However, among tough dudes who do tough guy things like wear sparkly shirts that are two sizes too small and get tattoos of barbed wire and indecipherable hieroglyphics, having blood in your piss can be a sign of said toughness. I’ve never been a member of a cult who would consider such a bodily malfunction to be a badge of honor, but I imagine the rationale (if any exists) would be that a beating was sustained, and you prevailed and now have a mere battle scar.

But what does it mean when there’s piss in your blood? And why does Eagles rookie defense end Vinny Curry have urine in his blood stream?

We don’t have the answers to those questions. We just have this statement of fact said to Jeff McLane by Philly’s defensive line coach Jim Washburn in a quote that was sadly censored by those who police fun in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial department:

“He’s a little bit farther behind playing where he played. But he’ll be fine. Tough. He’s got some piss in his blood.”

We’ll await a further medical examination. Surely piss is on Roger Goodell’s list of banned substances, and Curry could face a fine or suspension if he’s caught with this powerful fluid flowing through his blood stream.

No one wants a league filled with pee drinkers.

Pic via Philly Sports Muse