Chain Links: Chad Johnson is a liar

Chad Johnson is many things. Condom salesman, Lamborghini connoisseur, a saint who gives wedding invitations to strangers, and a dude who would gladly receive passes from Oprah. He is all things to all people.

And he also could be a liar.

Yesterday while noting Johnson’s terrifically insane quote regarding his supposed monster season that’s on the horizon regardless of who’s throwing the football for his Miami Dolphins, I reflected on his time in New England, when he was still Chad Ochocinco. I did that because Johnson traveled down the same memory lane, and he said that as a Patriot his bubbly and charismatic personality was contained by the Belichick dictatorship.

As watchers from afar, we can only judge Johnson by what we saw, and aside from a dramatically under producing receiver, we also saw a formerly eccentric player who became dull and a shell of himself. The assumption was that Johnson may, in fact, be human, and as a fully functioning person his mood can be reflected by struggles of any kind, personal or professional. The other half of our assumption was that Belichick had indeed put a tight seal around Johnson’s mouth, making him wither and die.

That’s what he said. He wasn’t allowed to be himself off the field, and therefore his normal self also didn’t show up on the field. As Tom Curran of CSN New England tells us, that’s complete crap.

Belichick didn’t interfere with the former Ocho and his attempts to be Ocho. Instead, according to Curran, Johnson zipped himself shut.

Quick story: Last year at this time, Chad was supposed to meet with the media for the first time.

But before he came over to the scrum of media, Chad flagged down Bill Belichick. He got up close and started speaking earnestly.

Chad did all the talking. Belichick mostly shrugged and smiled. It was apparent Chad was asking permission to speak to the media. It was also apparent that Belichick had no problem with Chad speaking to the media. All the Patriots wanted was for Chad to play football well.

Like the man himself, the perception of a heavy-handed restriction on Johnson’s mouth in New England may have be little more than a charade.

And now the links part of the links post…

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