The television landscape has morphed into a vast wasteland of reality TV sludge. It’s an unholy place where toddlers are dressed like prostitutes, families are grotesquely large, pumped up oompla-loompas collect STDs on the Jersey shore, people hoard their dead rats, and bounty hunters dress like ‘80’s wrestlers while they mace obese drug addicts in the face.

According to a tweet by sports business reporter Darren Rovell, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and his family were in talks with the William Morris Endeavor talent agency to possibly bring their unique family life to TV.

That’s right, Gronk was rumored to join such television luminaries as Kim Kardashian, Gene Simmons, the melting remains of Ozzy Osborne, and that family of dwarves on TLC. Is he poised to take his place with these giants of the entertainment industry on reality TV’s Mount Rushmore (which I’m pretty sure is in North Dakota)?

No. Cancel those plane tickets to North Dakota, Robert Bailey of Rosenhaus Sports Representation (Gronk’s agency) has told ProFootballTalk that Gronk hasn’t had any meetings with William Morris Endeavor.

Bailey, a former NFL cornerback who serves as the president of Rosenhaus Sports, said that neither Rob Gronkowski nor anyone in his family has hired William Morris to do anything on their behalf.  Bailey also said that Rob is focused on his football career, and that he has no plans to launch a TV show or write a book.

As a man who regularly spews bile about how much the hates reality television, I have to admit that I’d probably watch Gronk’s show out of morbid curiosity. He seems like a thoroughly entertaining guy, and if I’m going to slowly fry my brain while staring at a glowing box, I’d rather watch Gronk than those blowhards who scream “Yuuuup” and rifle through other people’s storage lockers.

Those guys are truly history’s greatest monsters.