The ultimate test of manliness isn’t how much beer can be consumed without breathing, or the ability to eat a 62 ounce steak without dying. Well, it’s those things too, but there’s a far more important metric: the man cave.

That’s where copious team memorabilia is collected and hung, and men yell at a TV that’s never large enough. When the room isn’t occupied by men, it plays Disney movies.

An anonymous Dolphins fan has completed a manly feat that was once thought to be impossible. He’s reduced the man cave to being a secondary status symbol of manliness, and he’s done it with a prosthetic leg.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post passed along a series of pictures from a Dolphins fan identified quite appropriately as @oneleggeddolphin on Twitter. He’s, um, a little dedicated, and he has multiple Dolphins paint jobs for his prosthetic legs.

Here’s the pissed off dolphin…

And here’s the more conventional logo with a matching tattoo…

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