If the Tim Tebow infatuation wasn’t enough to make us talk about the Jets and only the Jets until they inevitably disappoint us once football that matters is played in September, now in addition to possibly trotting Tebow out on special teams, Rex Ryan has another experiment he’d like to try.

Antonio Cromartie at wide receiver.

I’m not making this up. Honest. Ryan told the assembled human locusts of the New York media that we “shouldn’t be surprised” to see Cromartie used as a wide receiver on occasion, according to Newsday’s Bob Glauber.

This is the same Antonio Cromartie who’s never had a reception throughout his entire six-year NFL career.

This is the same Antonio Cromartie who didn’t have a reception throughout his entire collegiate career.

This is the same Jets team that drafted Stephen Hill, and traded up to get him in the second round.

This is also the same team that has young receivers Jeremy Kerley and Chaz Schilens to deploy in the same situations when Cromartie would potentially be used. Some dude named Santonio Holmes is also available.

Most importantly, this is the same team that has one quarterback in Mark Sanchez whose confidence is far less than optimum level, and another QB in Tebow who can throw a spiral as often as he intimately interacts with the opposite sex.

Cromartie has speed and dynamic ability in the open field, but he isn’t Devin Hester, the Bears kick return specialist and former defensive back who now lines up at wide receiver. Hester at best has become an average WR, but the Bears can easily justify his presence split out wide because of his ability to create magic in the open field with his quick feet and sense for open space.

Cromartie isn’t even close to Hester in terms of his athleticism and play making ability. The Jets have admitted that by using him only minimally in the return game, as Cromarite has returned only 18 kicks over the past two seasons. New offensive coordinator Tony Sparano showed us in Miami that he’s fascinated with trickery when he breathed life into the wildcat with Ronnie Brown, a role Tebow will now play, possibly up to 20 times a game.

But eventually a line is crossed where creativity bleeds into stupidity. That’s where the Jets would be with Cromartie lined up as a receiver, even if it’s only on occasion. He’s a cornerback, and nothing more, and if you make him think too much there’s no hope of him ever remembering the names of his children