If you can muster the ability to care about the Jets quarterback controversy that’s not a controversy at all, you’re a better man than I.

I care immensely about Tim Tebow, partly because he keeps me employed, and partly because I’m fascinated to see him rumble down the field on kickoff coverage, be a punt protector, and scramble around in the backfield as a pretend running back who can throw a football occasionally.

But mostly, I have legitimate and genuine curiosity about how this Tebow experiment plays out with the Jets, and strictly from a football perspective. I don’t care about his religious beliefs, and whether he is or isn’t pimping hoes with his bros nightly in New York, and if the dark soul of the city has rotted his core.

The Tebow infatuation has gone from legitimate but annoying in Denver, to cute in New York. Mark Sanchez will face pressure because he’s sucked recently, which is the same kind of pressure any quarterback who’s been less than adequate faces. The pressure he’s facing from Tebow is mild at best, even though his first interception will be greeted with Tebow chants, and even though every poor day he has at training camp will prompt questions about his future, and his status as a man. There’s no quarterback controversy between Sanchez and Tebow, and there never has been.

But Tebow is winning the popularity contest, and it’s not even close. He’s consumed the minds, and every motor movement of the New York media…