Hey you. Yes you, over there with the keyboard, reading this post when you should be finishing those TPS reports. Could you please pass me that bag of rocks over there? Yeah, the big jagged round ones. I’d like to throw them violently while standing inside my house that’s constructed wholly and solely with glass.

I hate to break the fourth wall here Zack Morris style, but there’s a section of NFL blog code you may not be aware of, so you should probably sit down for this, but only after you hand me those damn rocks. Now.

Ready? OK. When I type the name “Tim Tebow” your instinctive click reflex triggers a response that leads to a cursor hovering over some blue words, and then a swift downwards movement by your index finger. When this involuntary reaction is set in motion, that’s a very good thing for me. You click, and you laugh and get distracted from the labors of life momentarily, and I stay employed. Everybody wins.

But there’s a reasonable limit to this practice, or at least there should be. Usually around here the blatant Tebow click whoring is contained to fun irreverence, like the status of the Tebow sex bounty, or the deliciousness of Tebow toast. We enjoy a good Tebow debate too, just because he’s such a fascinating, polarizing figure.

We don’t, however, manufacture those debates out of inane stupidity. No, we leave that to the professionals…

Before you say it (if you say it) rest assured I’m aware that with the mere act of posting this, on some small level I’ve allowed Skip Bayless to exist, and for that I feel deep, hollowing shame. However, I think that risk is significantly softened by the value of highlighting and preserving such moronic behavior on our televisions.

Tebow is a genuinely interesting football player to discuss and debate for many legitimate reasons, and he’s also become a nauseatingly annoying subject for many more reasons. But it’s questions like this one from Bayless that lower Tebow tolerance to dangerous levels, and make it nearly impossible to have an intelligent discussion.

Once you block out both your Tebow and Bayless hatred (I know it’s hard, and trying even hurts…but try you must), you’ll realize something that’s truly sad. A network that would presumably (hopefully) like to promote and foster higher sports thinking is instead crushing it, and it’s become the driving force behind the cringe reflex among many that makes intelligent discourse about one of the most compelling sports figures in recent memory impossible.

With Tebow in New York, this will get so much worse before it gets better.

Bayless pic via Fansided. Lead pic via the Newark Star-Ledger.