Last year, Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Vince Young proclaimed the Eagles to be a “Dream Team” before they even lined up for a single snap. That so-called Dream Team struggled out of the gate, and even with four straight wins to end the season, the Eagles still had a mediocre 8-8 record. That would be akin to the real Dream Team losing the Bronze medal game to Lithuania at the ’92 Olympics. The Eagles were appropriately bashed by most media outlets for crowning themselves before proving themselves, thus leading them to be humbled by the experience.

There’s no way they couldn’t have learned from their mistakes. They were totally humbled…right?

Well, I guess not. Last week Michael Vick was talking about a possible Eagles dynasty, and in a recent interview with WIP radio in Philadelphia, he didn’t not backing away from those claims.

The thing is, I didn’t say we were going to go win a championship. I said we have the potential to build a dynasty, and building a dynasty entails winning a championship. That’s talking. I understand our fans expect us to come out and speak upon ourselves as being the best. … That’s the media just trying to create a negative vibe. We know that and we understand that. We looked past that. It’s bigger than that.

I guess he’s technically right, I suppose every team has the potential to be a dynasty (although essentially impossible), but it’s probably better to avoid making the same mistakes they made last preseason. Don’t talk about Dream Teams or dynasties; why not focus on putting at least one winning season together before you start planning a decade’s worth of parades?

He also isn’t distancing himself from Young’s Dream Team claims of last season, as Vick also believes they have the Dream Team assembled, and now all that’s left is the incredibly hard work that goes into winning a bunch of championships.

When you have confidence and a great deal of belief, I think that’s all you need at the end of the day. It wouldn’t have come out of my mouth if it wasn’t on my heart, if it wasn’t what I believed we could strive to do and to work for. I think nothing of it. It’s totally opposite of the Dream Team comment. The Dream Team is that’s already put together, a dynasty is something that you’ve got to work for and earn that title. I said we have the potential to work and get there and become that, that’s it.

The structure of modern free agency has basically killed the concept of professional sports dynasties, especially in sports that have a hard salary cap.

Great scouting and management will usually assure a consistently good team, but it’s become increasingly difficult to keep a team’s core players together long enough to go on a run that one would consider a dynasty. The closest the NFL has to a current dynasty is the New England Patriots, who have been Super Bowl champions three times in the 2000’s and have four fourteen-win seasons during that stretch. They are the only team in the NFL that should be allowing the word “dynasty” to escape their lips.

Forget Dream Teams and dynasties: how about you focus on week 1 against Cleveland. Win that one first.