When Jerry Jones isn’t searching for glory holes and dreaming of the good ol’ glory hole days in Dallas, he enjoys making strong proclamations to fans that also function as some kind of hookey marketing. You know, the kind of marketing you’d hear from a well-seasoned carney as he asks you to step up and pop some balloons to earn a stuffed snail that will eventually land in your dog’s water bowl.

Speaking at a ceremony Monday night to open the Cowboys’ training camp, Jones said the equivalent of “come one, come all and step right up to watch us beat them Giants! Wooooohaaaa!”

Except his version sounded much better, and far more Jerry Jonesian.

From Tim MacMahon:

“Y’all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ asses”

This comment came after skydivers parachuted into the ceremony. Seriously.

The Giants beat DallasĀ 31-14 during the regular-season finale last year, a game that decided which team went to the playoffs. New York advanced, and did sort of alright in the post-season. The two teams will meet in the 2012 regular-season opener in New York on Sept. 5, but the Giants won’t travel to Dallas until Oct. 28.

The Giants also beat Dallas in Week 14 last year, although that game was much closer (37-34). Overall the Giants have done most of the ass kicking recently, winning five of the six divisional showdowns over the past three years. Last year their two wins came mostly through the air, as Eli Manning torched the Cowboys’ secondary for 746 yards and five touchdowns.