The NFL is a traditionally macho sports league, littered with dudes that look like they can eat an entire side of beef, bench-press a Buick, and then drink a keg of beer funneled through the exhaust pipe of a 1966 Shelby Cobra 427. It is the furthest thing from feminine that a professional sports league can get, aside from maybe that World Arm Wrestling Championship featured in the Stallone flick Over the Top.

Due to the current lockout of NFL referees, the league could be getting a shot of estrogen to go with all of that testosterone.  ESPNW is reporting that if replacement referees are used and a labor agreement isn’t reached prior to the regular season, one of the replacements could be a woman, specifically Shannon Eastin, who has experience refereeing college football.

Shannon Eastin could be the woman. She worked the Arizona Cardinals Red and White game and was named by the Los Angeles Times as one of the referees at an NFL training clinic.

A woman has never officiated an NFL game in an on-field capacity. Last year the NFL said there were several women in the pipeline.

Eastin has officiated college games for over a decade, most recently in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. The league is not officially confirming individual referees, and is not making any replacements available to the media.

I’m sure there will be a large group of heavy-browed cavemen that will be devastated by this news, and claim that the NFL is no place for women. These mouth breathing dummies are of course wrong, and as long as Eastin is a good referee, it shouldn’t matter what her gender is. The sports world is filled with referees who are both male and terrible at their jobs, so why not give a shot to anyone we think could be an improvement over the norm? Even if this improvement is *GASP* A WOMAN!

So to Eastin I say good luck. I’ll give you the same courtesy I give any other referee when I’m three beers deep watching football. When you make a bad call, I’ll taunt and boo you until my throat is sore.