As we astutely noted back in May, Robert Griffin III doesn’t actually sell his jerseys. There are stores and websites for that, but perhaps hawking merchandise on street corners is an avenue the players could pursue nine years from now if there’s another lockout when the current CBA expires.

Jersey sales have always been the most accurate gauge of a category that’s quite difficult, and nearly impossible to truly measure and get a definitive result. The question at any given time is this: who is the most popular player in the NFL? If fans are willing and eager to buy the jersey of a certain player in abundance, said player is clearly popular, so jersey sales are the closest we come to answering that question.

In May, RG3 had the highest-selling jersey, which was only mildly surprising, because any player beating Tim Tebow in any month is a massive accomplishment. During that time the excitement around the Redskins’ new quarterback who was selected with the second overall pick was only beginning to bubble, so seeing his jersey anywhere other than the top three would have been notable. Griffin’s status as the hopeful savior for a passionate fanbase starved to cheer on a quarterback who can complete passes with some degree of consistency definitely helped too.

But that was only one month, and while we knew Griffin’s burgundy jersey will remain one of the league’s most popular pieces of fashion apparel, surely it’ll fade from the list of top sellers, right? Umm, no. Those ‘Skins fans who control their rage through nightmare-inducing online rants with voices raised to inhuman octaves really like them some RG3. just released its jersey sales data from the period starting April 1 and ending July 31, and it shows that Griffin’s one-month reign was no fluke, and it’s lasted significantly longer than one month. Griffin is now second behind only Peyton Manning, and remarkably he still remains ahead of Tebow.

As Dan Steinberg from the D.C. Sports Bog notes, the period used by NFLShop includes one month when there were no RG3 jerseys available. Yet he’s still at No. 2, and significantly ahead of Aaron Rodgers, the league’s reigning MVP.

Here’s the full top 10 list:

1. Peyton Manning

2. Robert Griffin III

3. Tim Tebow

4. Andrew Luck

5. Eli Manning

6. Aaron Rodgers

7. Patrick Willis

8. Tom Brady.

9. Cam Newton

10. Troy Polamalu